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 “A Better Future” -- Presentation & Social

Sponsored by WWPC

Sunday, Feb. 24 from 4:00 to 5:30 p.m. 

Fitchburg Room of the Community Center

5510 Lacy Rd.

(Free and open to the public)



Fitchburg Fields

Dedicated to the creation of a sustainable village

in the City of Fitchburg, WI


A better future is possible,

and it can start in Fitchburg!


Environmentally-conscious Dane County is the logical place to create a sustainable village that will set an example for the rest of the country, and we have found the perfect location in Northeast Fitchburg! 

250 acres on a gentle, south-facing slope can become an economic, educational and agricultural jewel.


Features include:


School of Organic Agriculture

*      CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) farm using the methods described in Michael Pollan’s The Omnivore’s Dilemma

*      Incubator plots and mentoring for new farmers

*      Courses for the public in organic gardening, cheese-making, canning and preserving food, keeping chickens, and more

*      Courses for farmers in converting to organics, niche marketing, making a business plan, and more

*      Matching service for new and retiring farmers

*      Community gathering room available to the public for weddings, potlucks, dances, films, etc.

*      Crops, pastures and orchards


Four Seasons Farmers Market - Earth-sheltered and green built


Bike and Breakfast Inn - Earth-sheltered and green built, with a General Store and restaurant, just .5 miles from the Capital City Trail


Community Gardens - Existing Hmong gardens and a new 10-acre garden, plus bathrooms, tool sheds, play area and picnic tables nearby


Carbon-Neutral Eco-Village

*      30 smaller homes and a common building (earth-sheltered)

*      Community garage and 5 community cars

*      Solar, wind and biomass energy

*      Living Machine for wastewater treatment and greywater system


Public park with restored wetlands and prairie


Bike and Hike path connecting to the Capital City Trail


Learn more on Feb. 24th or contact us at:


West Waubesa Preservation Coalition



P.O. Box 234,

Oregon, WI 53575

(608) 223-9571




Fitchburg Fields

www.FitchburgFields.org (This website is currently under construction but try back around Feb. 22nd.)


P.O. Box 259876

Madison, WI 53725-9876

(608) 223-9571