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riding your bike past young farmers herding their cows to the barn for milking, while community gardeners weed their squash.  You pass the restored wetland as spellbound fifth graders watch a heron fishing.  You arrive at the Bike and Breakfast, park your bike in the shed, and check in.  After a delicious dinner of (very) locally grown food, you head over to the performance hall for some Irish music.


Are you in Germany, Holland, or Denmark? 

No!  You’re in Fitchburg!




a Center for Sustainable Living

in Fitchburg’s northeast corner with


* A Bike & Breakfast Inn just off the Capital City Trail;

* A farming school with courses in organic gardening, cheese making, canning, raising sheep and goats, spinning and knitting, growing fruits, etc.

* An incubator program to train the next generation of farmers in row crops, dairy, and orcharding;

* A year-round farmers market;

* Acres of community gardens, wetlands, woodlands, and bike & hike trails; and

* An off-the-grid eco-village of 30 small houses that sets an example of sustainable living for eco-tourists from around the world.


Tuesday, Feb. 5

 Plan Commission meeting starts at 7 p.m.

Fitchburg City Hall, 5520 W. Lacy Rd., Fitchburg



A better future is possible,

and it can start in Fitchburg!


West Waubesa Preservation Coalition and Fitchburg Fields

www.westwaubesa.org                                                  (608) 223-9571 westwaubesa@sbcglobal.net                         P.O. Box 234, Oregon, WI 53575


Come and show your support for this alternative to the proposed commercial development of the Northeast Neighborhood.


You pay the taxes… you elect the leaders… you can make a change in priorities, but only if you get involved.  Join the many who are already planning for a Fitchburg that will meet our needs, not just the needs of developers!