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Will our grandchildren have clean water? 

Your participation will decide.



Come hear

Dr. Cal DeWitt,

UW Professor of Environmental Sciences

at the Gaylord Nelson Institute of the UW Madison,


Tues., Jan. 15,

at the 7 p.m. Plan Commission meeting

Fitchburg City Hall, 5520 Lacy Rd. 


He will speak on


“Discovering Fitchburg's Buried Bedrock Valleys and the Eau Claire Seashore: What it Means for Municipal Wells and Water Quality”



This is your chance to show the Fitchburg Plan Commission that you want responsible development that respects natural resources, taxpayers’ pocketbooks, and the interests of current residents!


If you cannot attend this presentation,

please watch it on FACTv, or watch the rerun (call FACTv @ 270-4225 for the schedule), or contact us (below) to learn about the crucial decisions concerning water that are facing Fitchburg’s Common Council and Plan Commission.  Please also contact the Plan Dept. at planning@city.fitchburg.wi.us, with your questions and concerns. 



West Waubesa Preservation Coalition                 (608) 223-9571         www.westwaubesa.org