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If there’s not enough water

to sprinkle your lawn,

is there enough for

1432 new residences?


     Because of the near drought that we are suffering, the city of Fitchburg has implemented mandatory sprinkling regulations.  They must save enough water to fight fires.  The average global temperature is going up, and drought is spreading in many areas around the globe, including the U.S. Midwest. 


Ask your alder and plan commissioner

these questions:


* If we have a drought next summer, and 1432 new families are using our water, will you ban watering lawns, gardens and trees entirely?


* Or will you just hope there are no fires to put out?


* Do you know where the recharge areas are that feed our aquifer?


* If not, is it wise to pave over the Northeast Neighborhood, which might contain recharge areas?


* Did you know that we now take more water out the ground than we return to it in Dane County?


* Did you know that our lakes now supply the aquifer, instead of the other way around?


* What is your concept of sustainability?

Come to the


Public Hearing on Tues Aug. 7


at 7 p.m. at the Fitchburg City Hall, 5520 Lacy Rd.


     This is your chance to express yourself on the proposed map for a 50 or 75-year Urban Growth Boundary.  Yes, you can have a say on how much development should happen in Fitchburg, and where it should happen! 


     You can have 3 min. to talk about water, wildlife, saving farmland, or any other aspect of the development puzzle.  If you don’t want to speak in public, you can submit comments in writing, or even just write something really short on a slip (like “Don’t develop the Northeast Neighborhood!) and hand it in. 


Citizen input counts!


     If you don’t know who your alders or plan commission are, call the city clerk at 270-4200

and ask for their names and contact info.  (You can also request that the civic look-up page on the web be updated, because it has 1-year old information on it.)


It’s our water: let’s protect it!


West Waubesa Preservation Coalition       (608) 223-9571

westwaubesa@sbcglobal.net    www.westwaubesa.org