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Act Now to:

Save Lake Waubesa

Protect your pocketbook

Protect our water supply

Preserve our high quality of life

 The fourth and final draft Northeast Neighborhood plan report and map are in, and the city needs YOUR input on them.


Ruekert-Mielke Open House

Thursday, July 12th

6:00 – 8:00 PM at the Fitchburg Community Center,

5510 Lacy Rd., in the Fitchburg Room

You may also email your comments about the plan to:


Why should I oppose this plan?

For the sake of Lake Waubesa

     Lake Waubesa and its critically important wetlands are threatened by pollutants and phosphorus carried from developments by stormwater runoff. The Northeast Neighborhood (NEN) drains into Lake Waubesa. Millions of dollars of public and private money have been spent to protect ecologically valuable land just east and south of the NEN. This investment is just as important as that of the housing developer.  The city has a duty to protect a regional jewel like Lake Waubesa, and our groundwater as well.

For the sake of Fitchburg taxpayers

     New development in the NEN would cost the current residents tens of thousands of dollars to bring in sewer and water lines.  It would also raise taxes for all Fitchburg residents, to pay in perpetuity for schools, fire, police, ambulance, garbage, and street services.

     Why expand the Urban Services Area (USA) to include the NEN when there is so much land left to develop within the USA; places that already have sewer and water lines? And why expand the USA anywhere when there are so many unsold and empty homes available?

For the sake of our water supply

     How many homes can our aquifer support?  Should we add thousands more homes without knowing whether there is enough clean water for all? Waukesha, New Berlin, and Green Bay are examples of cities that have depleted their clean groundwater and will spend tens of millions of dollars to clean the contaminated water that's left. 

For the sake of our quality of life

     We love living near to woods and farms.  We’ve made that clear in surveys.  So why are members of the Plan Commission and Common Council considering destroying a 868-acre parcel of woods and farms, when there is lots of developable land left that is closer to the future city center near City Hall?

     Do you want to live in a metropolitan area that is solidly built out for miles from downtown Madison, like Chicago is?  Or would you prefer a pattern of “corridors and wedges,” with cities or villages built around train stations, with large wedges of farmland or natural space in between these corridors?

     The NEN is a “wedge” of farmland that is only 30 min. by bike from the Isthmus.  It is already an oasis of beauty and calm. It could become a center for sustainable agriculture as well: but only if it is kept out of the Urban Services Area.

     If you value having a healthy lake, ample clean water to drink, and quiet unspoiled areas near Madison, let Fitchburg’s leaders know today!


You can make a difference!

Join us on July 12th and let your voice be heard!