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We need your support to continue many important activities to help us achieve our goal of preserving farmland and natural systems. In the past, we have held conferences, talks, and a bus tour to educate the public about: (1) the danger to our groundwater, wetlands and lakes from thoughtless development; (2) the end of cheap oil and the future of food; and (3) the economic and social benefits of growing food organically near population centers.

We also want to improve our website by adding video in the coming months, so that those who have missed some of the great lectures and slide shows we have produced will be able to watch them online.

If you care about the future of farmland, wetlands, lakes and streams, and if you want to build the west Waubesa region, including Fitchburg, into a sustainable community, please give generously.

Thank you for your contribution!

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West Waubesa Preservation Coalition
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