Home » Events » Decision Day for Fitchburg Taxpayers is Tuesday, February 25!
Please attend the Fitchburg Common Council meeting at the Fitchburg City Hall, 5520 Lacy Rd. on Tuesday, Feb. 25. It starts at 7:30 p.m. and we need to fill the chamber with Fitchburg residents who will oppose Mayor Pfaff's proposal to bring two new "neighborhoods" into the Urban Service Area (develop them). There will be a Public Hearing on whether to submit Urban Service Area Amendment Applications for the Northeast Neighborhood and the North Stoner Prairie Neighborhood, and then the Council will discuss the issues and vote. If you live in Fitchburg, giving a couple hours of your time to protest this risky move may be the best thing you can do for your pocketbook this year! Creating two more sets of infrastructure for the taxpayers to maintain just doesn't make sense when you already have 1125 empty acres! We're asking for North McGaw Park and Uptown to be 75% filled in before the city opens any new areas to development. For more details on how you can help on Feb. 25 (whether you can attend in the evening or not), Click here .