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Let Fitchburg's leaders know how you feel!

You can help convince Fitchburg's mayor and alders not to take the next step towards development of the Northeast Neighborhood at this time. Help collect signatures of Fitchburg residents 18 years or older on our petition, and then send them immediately to: WWPC, P.O. Box 259525, Madison, WI 53725-9525, or scan them and send them to westwaubesa@gmail.com.

Click here to download a copy of our petition with 11 spaces.

Click here to download a copy of our petition with 4 spaces.

Petitions are great, but elected leaders pay even more attention to calls, emails, or letters. It only takes a few minutes to call, or to write a few sentences expressing your opinion on something that is going to affect you and your pocketbook. Click here for the contact information for Fitchburg's Mayor Pfaff and all the alders.

Click here if you are a Fitchburg resident, but don't know who your two alders are. You just put in your address, and it tells you all of your elected officials.

Please let us know when you write, call, or email your elected officials, by dropping us a line at westwaubesa@gmail.com. Thank you!

Learn more about the issues: how would developing the Northeast Neighborhood at this time hurt Fitchburg taxpayers, public safety, and the environment?

What makes a great city?

What do you love about Fitchburg? Perhaps it's the beauty of the gardens and trees that grace its neighborhoods? Is it the proximity to all the cultural and job opportunities that Dane County has to offer? Do you enjoy being close to rural landscapes while living in a suburban or urban neighborhood? Maybe it’s the many great parks or the new library?

What would you do to preserve what you love about Fitchburg? Would you write letters, visit your alders and mayor, or come to a meeting to express your opinion? We hope you'll find the information in this brochure motivating, and that you'll take action to preserve a high quality of life and reasonable tax rates.

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