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Water, Wells, and Well-Being:
Local Sustainability in a World Wide Web

EVENT: Potluck & Presentation

DATE: Thursday, March 26th

TIME: Dinner at 6:00 pm; Program at 7:00 pm

PLACE: Stoner Prairie Dining Room,
Fitchburg Community Center, 5510 Lacy Rd.

BRING: A dish to pass and place settings


  Dr. Cal DeWitt

Presentation Description

Water increasingly is in the news as supplies no longer are meeting current demands locally, regionally, and globally. Vital as it is to all of us, only a small part of the water system ever meets the eye. Most of the water we use locally comes from municipal wells that pump at 700,000 - 1,000,000 gallons per day. It flows from our taps and down the drain, without recognizing that each municipal well removes enough water every day to fill more than 100 semi-trailer tank trucks of the kind we see delivering milk and gasoline! "Out of sight, out of mind" has been our approach---until now.

We once re-named rain water as "stormwater" when it came in large amounts and fell on impervious surfaces of rooftops and streets and worked to dispatch it with "stormwater" schemes that sent it quickly as possible out of the region. No longer can we proceed in these ways, given our growing understanding of what is necessary to achieve sustainability.

The root causes of unsustainability---of water and so many other resources upon which we depend---are becoming known to us. We are coming to know that we cannot have exponential growth continuously.

In this presentation, environmental and sustainability scientist Dr. Cal DeWitt reports on research on this topic globally, and for the region covered by the northeast corner of Fitchburg, and presents some far-reaching conclusions on how this necessarily shapes and constrains urban growth in order to achieve and sustain an ecological sound human community and the groundwater, wetland, and lake ecosystems upon which it depends for its sustenance, continuation, and upholding of the human spirit.