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What's the best use of the Northeast Neighborhood of Fitchburg?

The "Northeast Neighborhood" consists of over 800 acres of farmland and forest, with a bit or rural housing, in the northeast corner of the city of Fitchburg, WI. The current city administration wants to bring it into the Urban Service Area and develop it soon.

Campaign to stop the development of the Northeast Neighborhood

Petition to Stop Leapfrog Development in Fitchburg's Northeast Corner

Dear Mayor Pfaff and the Fitchburg Common Council:

We, the undersigned residents of Fitchburg, WI, urge you to not submit an Urban Service Area Amendment application for the rural area known as the "Northeast Neighborhood" at this time.

Before you start up the development process, we urge you to complete these tasks:

  • Consult with the new Dane County groundwater model, expected to be finished by October 2013
  • Consult the recently-released housing market survey commissioned by the Capital Area Regional Planning Commission.
  • Have an approved plan for how to provide and pay for adequate fire and EMS protection for the new development.

  • Build out Uptown and the North McGaw Neighborhood to 75% capacity.

  • Do an analysis of whether development needs could be achieved through infill or redevelopment, before destroying farmland and risking damage to Lake Waubesa, its wetlands, and the natural Northern Pike hatchery.

To download a copy of the petition, click here.

An alternative vision for 250 acres at the heart of the Northeast Neighborhood

Imagine a center for sustainable living on the edge of Madison where...

  • People young and old come together to learn skills like organic gardening and cheesemaking
  • Beginning CSA farmers can build their businesses on the incubator farm
  • Startup agricultural enterprises, like small-scale food processors, can flourish
  • The year-round market provides a direct connection between consumers and producers
  • Acres of community gardens bring people together and foster a deep sense of community
This is the type of place we want to see in Fitchburg's northeast corner - not another sprawl development like the current plan calls for. (Learn more)

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